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Alright well. This whole 18+ only thing can be argued a million times over but when it comes down to it, here is how it goes.

If you are not 18, then airsoft is not for you. You should wait, and learn about the sport, come out and spectate. Get to know your community, get to understand stuff about guns and gear. Then when you are 18, you can buy it all for yourself!

Sure, it doesn't sound like a lot of fun, but we don't care.

Yes, sure, maybe some people less than 18 are mature enough to play, and not be an idiot about stuff. But again, too bad. Just because some kids under 19 can drink without being an idiot about it, or could vote because they actually follow politics and would be making a smart, informed choice, doesn't mean they can.
Because we are preventing the bulk of the ignorant, foolish youth from getting in on the sport.

Why should it be our job to "sift" through the large assortment of minors to see which ones can prove themselves to be mature enough to be able to play? We shouldn't. Just wait till your 18.
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