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Originally Posted by MrDow123 View Post
I got a question for you? Have you ever told that to someone who "looked" like they were under 18 but they actually weren't? I must say, I look pretty young for my age (I don't look 12 mind you) but if some guy misjudged my age and told me "get out, no kids allowed" I would be incredibly offended.

But as far as the topic at hand goes, I think that there are very competent minors out there that are mature enough to play with the big boys, but because of the age restrictions on airsoft they are forced to go to paintball and learn very different techniques/skills/attitudes than we would like them to have in airsoft.
I believe a training course or something for minors would be a good idea, and I gotta say I don't like the idea of airsoft "elitists" snuffing out these minors that CAN play responsibly but because of their age are completely restricted.
A valid point was raised in this thread, like being under 18 you are not held accountable for your actions but once you turn 18 you are fully accountable for all your actions. I like the idea of a certificate or training day for minors to show to us that they have the right attitude and skillset to play with adults.
What about those adults who shouldn't play. If they have to do it, thus do we. I actually enjoy playing with adults over minors tbh
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