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it may be pedantic, but a 2011 is not really a substitution for a 1911. the sexiness of a 1911 is found in its details, the small curves and rounded edges following its length and grip; take the area between the mag release and the trigger guard as an example.

for me - the tk grip is weird - everytime I hold it I am aware that I'm hold a double stacked gun. 1911 guys will say that a plus of the single stack 1911 is the comfort of the grip - slim but adequately rounded. but what really annoys me is the gap between the front mag base and the bottom of the grip - the manufacturers try to cover it up but its still noticeable.

think of it this way - a '69 mustang and a 2010 mustang have the same styling, function, and basic shape, but i wouldn't say one can replace the other.
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