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Should be noted many issues arise from mercying people.

Best to shoot him with your sub 350 fps gun at any range. Thats my personal policy.
I've had too many times where it was an issue. IMO it cheapens the game to call mercies within a close range. I wear a mouth guard and am willing to have other people do the same to me.

With 350+fps guns, though, its just not worth it for the most part. Depends on face protection being used.

Your local club will have their own rules...

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Okay, I recently went to art show. One of exhibit had huge panoramic canvas pictures of landscape photos taken with a digital camera. These pictures were nice and huge. The canvas was attached to a wooden stretcher frame for direct hanging on a wall without need for a frame. Do you know any more on this subject? Where can I go for additional information on this subject?
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