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Originally Posted by Brayden View Post
I've always been scared of gettign a bb in the ear personally, i've have 3 ear shots in my life so far 1 was from the front and 2 from the side the 2 on the side bled(I was very near the player maybe 7-9 feet) and stung really badly but if it went in my ear I bet it woulda hurt more and I wonder if then can roll down too far or what happens there o.o, Oh also i;ve shot somone in the tooth before but we were 25 feet apart and they were under 300fps with .2 he was yelling at me saying hit :P nothing happened though he was justshocked, anyone know what fps its likely to happen 350+ CCQ?
I shot a guy in the ear once...went to sidearm after running out of ammo (engaging an AUG A1 with full internal upgrades with an MP5 = not my brightest moment) and got a lucky shot off - cursing and "WTF?!" ensued. Luckily the BB came out easily. Apparantly it hurt a fair bit.
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