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I was over at ken's (007 airsoft) the other day to check out the SRC g36 series. My first impressions were quite positive. The body felt rock solid and the Plastic lower is quite sturdy and showed no signs of micro fractures or cracks around any stress points. The lower rec airsoft eiver is quite dark and does not take away from the guns overall appearance The sighting (scope) is fantastic, however the scope comes in the form of a full cross hairs unlike the scope of many other g36 such as the classic army g36 which uses the actual HK scope image. The externals were extremely solid overall with no creaks bends or compressions to worry about. my only complaint about the external parts was the extremely obvious mould lines especially on the forward hand guard. Ken had a CA g36k on sight and the difference in mould quality was quite pronounced. The CA had little to no sign of mould lines where as the SRC had a large obvious line right across the upper hand guard. This however is simply a cosmetic error as the gun is still quite solid and these simple cosmetic issues would not stop me from buying and using one in the future.

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