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Hello to all! My name is Alex, am 31, live in London On. Not quite a total n00b, but not quite out of the pit of n00b either. I had a great kit: flecktarn BDU's PASGT fiberglass helmet, and REAL BW web gear, MP5A4, and Mini Uzi sidearm. I ruined my BDU's using them as emergency work clothes after my MP5 self destructed ejecting the barrel. Now I am looking to find a new MP5 and some BGS BDU pants to match my tunic. I race R/C cars (1/12 on road), and let me tell you, this hobby is cheap compared to constantly upgrading your R/C gear just to keep up to the fast guys. Not to mention I have the electronic and mechanical experience that I will need for this hobby. I hope to find some people around here to try out some indoor CQB, but first I will need to get age verified so that I can find myself a new MP5. Hope to hear back from you locals!

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