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Right now I'm playing around with some encoding settings, graphics and music. The first episode will likely outline the acquisition and usage of airsoft in Canada with regards to the law. This will hopefully clarify and/or correct a lot of the information typically found on YouTube regarding airsoft in Canada.

One point of clarification. This is an independent project and is not affiliated with or sanctioned by ASC. While there will certainly be mention of ASC and what it represents to the Canadian airsoft community, I don't wish to involve the forums or its staff directly should anything presented by myself or others be taken out of context or misinterpreted.

As for interviews and the like, I hope to accomplish this in the future. Although, I do realize that there is a certain amount of reluctance to appear on camera for various reasons by some members of the community. Heck, I usually keep my airsoft activities on the down low around most folks since people tend to think of anyone with a gun (real or not) as some right wing nutjob.

With luck I should have the first episode up before year's end. I'll be sure to link it when it's complete.
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