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Originally Posted by MrDow123 View Post
Thanks for your 2 cents Comrade

I'm opting for a good M4 or G3 AEG. I already have a Taurus PT92 as a secondary but soon I'm going to be getting a KWJ 1911 MEU (I much prefer the 1911 over the Beretta)

What do you guys think would be a good option for BDU's and eyewear?
In southern Alberta the one's that I would recommend are Multicam, MARPAT, or any tan based camo with a bit of green in there. I personally use Flecktarn right now (which works decently) however pretty soon I'm probably going to pickup some tan based camo for those Green vs Tan games so I can switch between if needed (not sure which pattern yet though).

As for eyewear... Depends... Paintball mask will never fail you however you can't look down the sights as easily (if at all). Paintball mask with removable goggles are better since if the field will allow you you can detach the goggles and just use those (I'm thinking like the paintball masks with removable panels or the ones where you can remove the goggles (ie. JT Spectra)).

Some fields (usually the private ones) will allow either sealed ballistics or shooting glasses. If you're playing on a paintball field sealed ballistics won't cut it as even though they are tougher and stronger and hopefully made to military specifications they don't have the paintball rating and therefore the fields insurance company will deny any claims (on the technicality that they weren't using paintball certified goggles) which makes the owner liable.
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