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Just to add on, I also have this gun, decent but not really fun if your too close(playing against it) in regard to your mention of off shots sometimes, I thought the same thing at first but I noticed it only happened with lightly polished BBs, a strong polish or double polish has not given me any issues- including the jamming 1 which does happen more often then most guns, my recommendation when you get this clean the barrel as it might be grimey(?). Uhm, the clip is just plastic and bends, i;ve tripped once with it and it hit the ground vertically and was fine. I don't like the way the upper barrel area bends if twisted but it seems strong enough and is equiped with a mix of plastic and metal. Its cheap for Canada and works well. Also from what i;ve seen the Chrono is more about 350-360 havn't seen a 370 reading (but hey the box does say 400 >.>) just my thoughs, oh and you can get a metal "jg" mag for like 15$ 1 thing I forgot to say about the stock mage, its a Double MAG not double Clip(as in the clip that clips 2 regular mags together) the mag holds 560(box says) and you feed it in 1 side and it fills up both.
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