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Originally Posted by theguy View Post
TM VSR G-spec.

Buy one on the classifieds, but to do that, you have to get AV'ed first.

Even then, you won't really be able to compete with higher performance guys.

Also, if you are concerned about money, do not start sniping, or airsoft for that point. Both are painfully expensive.

+1 TM VSR's are great stock, you just need a 20$ hopup rubber to double the range too
If your looking for a less expensive route to take in airsoft, there isn't one, trust me...
I bought my sniper rifle hoping not to have to spend tons of money on it. Well the tightbore, hop rubber and PDI cylinder were my first purchases, theres 350$. Kept it to 400fps. Eventually the sears broke, another 130$ for a V-trigger.
So with everything it's cost me about 900$, about the same as a fully upgraded M4, just without mags.
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