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What do you guys think would be a good option for BDU's and eyewear?[/QUOTE]

well that depends on your area. look out the window, if you see a lot of green, consider CADPAD or something with a lot of green, but if you find a bit more brown and darker colors, maybe MARPAD or something with a lot of that color shade...just common sense...what do YOU think would be the best camo pattern for were you'd be playing

and as for side arms, I my self wouldn't worry to much about them, if you got some cash to burn or already have one that's great. but for what ever reason your primary stops functioning properly and you need to switch, chances are your done anyways because any AEG will out proform any pistol or AEP no matter what company for parts you put into it

...again, just my personal opinion...what you do is entirely up to you
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