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Originally Posted by MrDow123 View Post
but I think starting out with a cheap, decent AEG or handgun and raising my skill with those and than buying more expensive stuff from there is the best way to go.
You'd think so, but most of us would say you'd be wrong.

We're not suggesting you purchase a $900 AEg or anything like that.. but cheap stuff has a habit of breaking. Cheap AEGs are a bitch to work on because aftermarket parts generally don't fit. Starting with a $450-$650 AEG is honestly the best way to go. And the thing is, if you don't like the hobby, you cna usually get 90% of your investment back on a gun like that. If you spend $250 on a cheaper gun and don't like it, noone is giving you that for it if you want to resell it.

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