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I stumbled across the Airsoft Nazis YouTube channel a short while ago and was left shaking my head after watching just a portion of some of the material.

Understand that I have nothing against them personally, and I do applaud the fact that they probably had the "intention" of doing something positive. However, their naming choice for their channel, and some of the misinformation they are giving people has led me to consider them as doing more harm than good to the airsoft community in Canada.

As a result, I have been inspired to produce a YouTube channel of my own that will hopefully dispel some of what they have been conveying. Although I have not been into airsoft as long as some of the members of the community, I do feel that I have done enough research over the last 3 years to produce something of merit. For those that do not know me personally I am an adult in my late thirties, so you needn't worry about the content of my program being of a similar nature to that of the Airsoft Nazis, and/or other misinformed individuals. I also work in the television broadcasting field, for those that may be curious.

I am in the preliminary stages of deciding the program format and its presentation. While the program will contain general airsoft information useful to most my goal is to present some of that info from the perspective of the Canadian airsoft community. Ultimately, I hope that I can produce something which is accurate, concise, and entertaining for all.

If you have some ideas about what sort of material should be covered, or how, please feel free to contact me via PM.
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