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Originally Posted by MrDow123 View Post
Regarding theguys' comment about airsoft being painfully expensive, I don't think it has to be. I'm not getting in to airsoft to buy a $1500 AEG, a $500 secondary handgun, and $1000 worth of gear and equipment just to go to my first game and get my ass handed to me. I would rather buy affordable guns and equipment and get good with those and enjoy the game.

"Sure the size of your stick matters but it matters more who's swinging it"
Thats true, My point was simply that sniping is the most expensive route to go (except for maybe GBBR or PTW) and it generally not recommended as a weapon/play style for new players.

Also, for me at least, I told myself i would just buy cheap stuff for fun, but before i knew it, i was spending wayyy more then i thought i would. This summer was my first real season, and I'm probably getting close to the $1500 mark spent on airsoft... and I'm still a student >.>
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