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From what I saw in games, usually the only advantage that a regular (not 1000$ in upgrade parts) over an AEG is that the Sniper is more silent. Sniping in airsoft is not like in counter-strike. Don't want to be rude but seriously, you (almost) never played Airsoft, you should first go to games and see the dynamic of the game. You won't get more range than AEGs nor more accuracy. You only get 1/10 (if you're really good) the speed of an AEG and you get to shoot a bit more silently. Seriously, if you want to snipe, do as Donster said and get a DMR, it's basically an AEG with a longer inner barrel for more accuracy. So you can still play on the same level as people with AEGs and you get more accuracy so you can snipe.

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