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need more info....
- what kind of gun are you using? ( MP5.. AK.. M4.. etc) this can influence your choices)
- what is your play style? Do you like crawling around, or not. Some rigs are no good
for belly crawling.
- What look are you going for? do you have a particular country's military force you are
trying to do an impression of.

I suggest getting someting quality, and if it is out of your budget at present, save up for it, rather than get something you don't really want/need/works/fit the impression.
Make do until you can get what you want. And research as much as you can. You will be happier in the end.
I can tell you huang (ASC retailer) has a very good quality CIRRAS mar vest. I purchased one (OD) a couple months ago, and it is great. Color is good, stitching is good, Cost was about $150. ish plus shipping. See if you can try someone else's CIRRAS to get an idea of sizing. You will likely need a large one. Size adjusting is easy, just takes a bit of time, unless it fits good out of the box.
I like my CIRRAS rig, even though it is a bit heavy, I have everything I need with me. It is comfortable, and does not shift around. I have my pouches where I want them. And it looks badass.(LCF:P) And I have my setup such that I can belly crawl quite easily with it. Easier than a Wasatch, which I also have (That too is a huang's)
I have an assault pack with hydration(3L) on the back as well. I run at least 10 mags, extra batteries, BBs and loader, a side arm/4mags, food, and a few other things. I still need a compass, and radio, a knife sheath, and grenades. But will easily have room for them as well. CIRRAS + gear = heavy = good excercise/realism.


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