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Originally Posted by WhiskeySix View Post
It's pretty much assured that the .50 cal revolution will fall flat on it's face. They tried it before, didn't work. It's basically one company (Smart Parts) trying to shove this down everyone's throat. No other manufacturer's are on board.

Exactly what i was going to say. Its all a bunch of greedy Bs.

The 2 sports cannot be compared appropriately.

I am divided myself. I started with paintball. Folks will debate that paintball lacks realism as much as airsoft lacks ballistic intensity. Speaking for myself, it's near impossible to duplicated the adrenaline rush I get out of playing a Sunday paintball tournament at say, Flagraiders. Its just not the same as going out to play airsoft - not for me -

On this same token, there can be many weekends where I just don't need or want to be involved in the kind of stress that follows intense paintball.

The demands are different for each sport, you get what you wana get out of them.

IMO I think they compliment each other beautifully. You can't have it all, so have both.

(Edit) I have never attended or played any type of Airsoft 'Tourmament' [but would love to]. I have more experience in paintball.
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