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Glad i found this sthread.

We are collecting missions to be developed and put i the Miison book at Adrenaline. I might get swamped, but I love it...

Mission that are 30 minutes to 1 hr. in length, something that might get used at frozen ghost on the 28th of Feb.

What do you have to work with? 30 acres of well deveolped mixed terrain
3 acre Town
2 acre Concrete jungle
25,000 sq foot fort complex
10 acres of great bush
3 acres of trenchs see the field tour

We'll give credit where credit is due, If 50 to 100 guys are playing your mission they'll know it. yes, I'm to lazy to write them all myself. No we can't use them all. But I enjoy reading them..

Email them so my in box doesn't over flow..
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