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getting a bit ticked off about this age verification bit...

Ok, i've been on the forums nearly a month now, and i have contacted 3 people near me to get myself age verified. I've messaged these people more than 3 times each within the span of a month, making sure i messaged them when they WERE online. I only have 4 people in my area to actually get verified and i still have yet to be replied back even with a small notification saying "I am sorry i am a little busy right now, could you wait (period of time)" maybe im doing something wrong, i dont really know, because i dont get a response saying that. These people HAVE read the messages, and still dont respond.

So i'm just going to go ahead and make a topic that asks this in hopes someone can pull this off...

Can anyone within the Edmonton area please help me set up an age verification meet up?

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