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Not really...but there's been a couple of threads on it. CDN_Stalker posted a bunch of stuff in a thread called "BBBastard...something, something...."

I did some testing last year as well...can't recall exactly, but I believe that it was along the lines of:
0.20->0.25 drop 30-40fps
0.20->0.28/0.30 drop 100fps

There's a gabizillion posts about how simply dropping FPS by increasing BB weight does not:
- make the rifle safe or under MAX field limits...FPS is measured/noted with 0.20g BB weights (i.e. if the limit is 350fps...and your rifle is shooting 360fps, simply using heavier BBs to shoot under is not fair)
- there may be some debate about this (don't know why)...but, IMO, lighter BBs do not hit as hard as heavier BBs at any practical range. FPS limits are established so that the risk of injury at close range is reasonable.

Hope that helps,

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