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Thanks for the helpful comments. I'd already read around the FAQs and age verification process. Seems very organised and is a credit to everyone involved.

As said above, I'm used to the UKARA way, as I played just before it came in and during the fight with the goverment.

With regards to pricing, the UK is one of the most expensive places to be into games like this and (dare I say it?) paintball. For example, from a local (ie. within the UK) store, you will pay 360 for a TM AK74, which roughly comes to 630CAD. So don't even talk to me about pricing

I'm 28, so age isn't a big deal either.

kalnaren, interesting you mention the social aspect of the game. I'm hoping the hobby will introduce me to some good friends in my early life in Canada

None of you have mentioned how bloody cold it is though!
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