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Sorry to bring back a post from a page ago, but I just had a few things to point out.

Originally Posted by lucasefczynski View Post
would u guys rather us playing in a forest mid city or on a farm 10 kms outside the city?
I would rather you (waited until you're 18) played on designated fields.

Originally Posted by lucasefczynski View Post
if my buddy owns the farm then im pretty sure its 100% legal to play
Not if it's 10km out, as you said.

That's still within city limits.

Discharging an airgun can get you in serious shit and is detrimental to the reputation of the sport.


I also want to point out that I do not and never will trust you fielding a sniper rifle shooting anything above 300FPS.

If you're on the field with that thing, I'm getting the fuck away.

Even if you're 18, I would't put it past you to run up to me, shoot me in the neck with it and teabag me.
God is a /b/tard.

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