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Originally Posted by yuhaoyang View Post
Actually he denies all of it now, if you search enough, you can find youtube comment sections where it says Jarek4 "comment deleted by author", then it'll say something like "1000fps on a JG? yeah right!" or "yes, the PSG-1 has a EBB system, I own one, stop denying it."
He also denies that he ever posted on airsoftforums, asc, airsoftpacific, and that he was in "blue noise" or whatever-the-fuck it was called.
And he flamed AP, has an army of minion children programmed to repeat your-mom jokes and insults at anyone he sees fit (as in anyone that denounces him).
He also says he has concealed carry.

And actually, it was 263 countries I believe; and some of them were probably in another solar system.
Yea I remember that.. he said 263... when there was like 210 in the world lol.

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