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Originally Posted by lucasefczynski View Post
lol i cant w8 till this all gets back at u guys once i do get AVED !
im lmao just thinking of your guys reaction when u guys see the aved beside my name
and i know guns outside the country are going to get confiscated if u try to import them
im not stupid and im not 13
im 18 and u guys will have to wait till i am aved
and i pmed the guy in london before and he never replied
i sent another message maybe he will respond this time
no blinky, YOU have to wait until you turn 18, we already have access to all the guns we could ever want, "see your reaction" lol wtf, you think you're something special? just bcuz mommy says u are, don't make it so boyo

also, no one said that you were going order guns from out of country, we're just posting a list of common troll sayings, didn't catch that, maybe you are special?
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