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Originally Posted by lucasefczynski View Post
lol i cant w8 till this all gets back at u guys once i do get AVED !
im lmao just thinking of your guys reaction when u guys see the aved beside my name
and i know guns outside the country are going to get confiscated if u try to import them
im not stupid and im not 13
im 18 and u guys will have to wait till i am aved
and i pmed the guy in london before and he never replied
i sent another message maybe he will respond this time


just a quick edit, I dunno where the avers stand on this but I don't think they are obligated to AV you even if you are 18. There is no law saying you must be 18, so there is no law saying that they have to AV you. Just like a bar, just because your of age does not mean they gotta let you drink.

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