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Originally Posted by lucasefczynski View Post
i didnt mean it in hurting someone.. personally i got shot in the eye with a bb gun cuz i was stupid enough to take my glasses of for 10 seconds to see into a bush and blam got shot
now my eye is screwed and never again am i taking glasses off .. i wear a paintball mask for protection now
now i meant a pianful gun as if in some one could feel it enough to say they are hit
and its not about trust.. its just cuz the guy wears layers of clothing
It's got a lot to do with trust.
Sure if you shoot me in my vest where my mags are, I won't feel it. Or backpack or such.
I might hear it, but if you told me "Kaos I shot you in the mag"
I would totally take your word for it and call out, I wouldn't "Nah man I didn't feel it lulz too bad 4 u"

Maybe you should come out to a real game one day, and see what real airsoft is about.
With the coming Winter season things will die down a bit, but keep an eye out for games.
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