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Originally Posted by lucasefczynski View Post
im just saying in general that cuz the bb is heavier it starts falling earlier .. therofore u adjust the hop up witch fixes the problem
Only to a point. The weight that separates maximum range with earlier droppage lies in between 0.30g and 0.36g BBs. 0.30g Bbs fly an easy 150ft (before veering off) in my Canadian Tire shotgun. Haven't tried 0.36g yet but am sure I'll lose about 20ft of effective range (and gain a crapload in brush penetration) if I don't compensate with elevation. Really, airsoft snipering is really about learning the way projectiles react in air, and learning to shoot well. My skills with a sniper rifle have transistioned over to shooting real steel, 1" groups at 150 yards with a .308 bolt action are do-able for me because I spent so much shooting groups with my M24 at 30ft in my basement. Everything is about technique and making things repeatable with the cheek weld, how you hold the gun, breathing, etc.
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