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Originally Posted by lucasefczynski View Post
the sniper has about 480 fps and i use .28 gram bbs but i find that they start to lose distance cuz of the wierght and then going form .28's to .35s is a big jump and a huge loss of fps
any ideas on upgrades for it then?
Sure............. aim higher! Best "upgrade" anyone can do to get more range.

Lol, seriously, my 0.36g BBs out of my M24 fly at around 300fps, but I can get a straight 130-140ft out of them before they start to drop. But by adjusting my aim like any good markman would do, I can get past 200ft without having to aim 50ft above guy's heads. I might have to aim 3-4ft above a guy's head, but hey, such is the way of airsoft BBs. Don't think you can get a good 300ft straight and level flightpath from your BB (ok, sometimes you can, I had my rifle at 340fps with 0.20g once, and with 0.30g BBs was getting them out to 300ft, but that's all hop up trickery with medium heavy BBs).

Now, here's the question, what distance do you lose your shot?

BTW, as far as BB Bastards go, there is no fps loss between 0.28g and 0.30g, but there is a gain in effective range.
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