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Originally Posted by lucasefczynski View Post
the sniper has about 480 fps and i use .28 gram bbs but i find that they start to lose distance cuz of the wierght and then going form .28's to .35s is a big jump and a huge loss of fps
any ideas on upgrades for it then?
The problem is the FPS, not the BB weight. If the gun is actually shooting at 480 on 0.2g BB's, there is no way a BB is stabilizing in flight with a stock barrel and hop-up. I'm willing to bet you'd see greatly increased performance if you downgraded the spring and replaced the barrel and hop-up.

Heavier BB's are more accurate. Lighter ones may go farther, but they're so light that a squirrel's fart or a slight breeze will knock them off course. So with heavier rounds you'll decrease your overall range, but increase your effective range.

Also, when you're talking about distance, how "far" are you talking about?

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