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Airsoft in Canada exists, and truth be told if you're 18 years old or older, it's fairly easy to get into. However, there are a couple of truths you need to accept:

1) Airsoft in Canada is expensive. LIke Danneichh said, airsoft guns in Canada go for, on average 150%-250% more than the normal listed prices from overseas retailers. This is due to our customs and importation laws. You CANNOT puchase an airsoft gun from outside of Canada. It will get siezed at the border as a "prohibited item". This means you have to buy them from retailers here in Canada... and unfortunetly (for various reasons) we pay a premium for that.

Having said that, with patience and money, you can still get almost any airsoft gun you want. If its something rare though be prepared to pay 400% of what it's actually worth.

2) Be willing to travel to games. Airsoft isn't that popular in Canada. It's not uncommon for people to travel 2 hours or more to go to an airsoft game. You'll have to get in touch with players from the Coberg area to see if there are any fields near there.. maybe there's one closer to you.

3) 90% of games in Canada are limited to 18+ years of age for players. Generally there are very few exceptions.

4) The results of the above have created a (comparatively) small, close-knit community in Canada. You'll find a lot of people know eachother. This is great if you're one of those people that loves going out and having a good time.. you'll meet a lot of friends you see over and over at different events. This is also great because smacktards very quickly get known in the community and don't end up with a place to play.

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