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Hey there, unfortunately, airsoft in Canada is in a rather difficult position at the moment. We do have a thriving airsoft community, with hundreds of players, however, we don't really have any real Airsoft stores here. There are a few stores that do sell AEG's, however they're semi clear "cansoft" AEGs. You can pretty much find anything on this site, once you arrive and get age verified (meeting a certified member of this site, and having him verify that your over 18). However, prices here are a bit steep. I semi-recently bought a Classic Army G36, which normally goes for around $230 U.S.D., for just over $500 Cdn. So, the quality weapons are here, but they tend to cost 1-200% more than their U.S. counterparts. That being said, I think you'll enjoy the community here, I know i've found everyone to be very open and welcoming.
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