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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
I'd say Glock 19 over a 17 due to it being more ergonomic and reliable (GBBwise that is), and I'd choose my MK23 over a 1911 style any day. So I couldn't vote, but two things about your gun choices, the G17 has a shorter (faster cycling rate) than the Para, and a different grip angle that makes it more suited to instinctive shooting. Add in a lower profile (distance between the hand and the sights)............. G17 hands down. Gonna vote now, just because I've done some pretty awesome things with Glocks instinctively, where I find 1911 style guns awkward (as awkward as Armalites in fact).
Quoted for truth.

I've been in the heat of battle when my Armalite failed, pulled out the Glock 18C and went to work, I actually got more kills with my Glock, than my Armalite that day.

I've owned the GBB version of the 1911 and didn't like it, however I have a real 1911 which I absolutly love.

here is some video of my old 18C......I miss her.

YouTube- Airsoft KWA Glock 18C 50 rounds straight

YouTube- Glock 18C 23 rounds
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