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Originally Posted by TALIBANMILAN View Post
What is starting to really get to me is people not responding to PMs.

I can understand that people may be busy or are simply not on ASC that offten, but when I send someone a PM and get zero replies, yet see that the same person is online everyday and posting in multiple non-airsoft related topics, it really gets to me.
Bingo! This is a killer. In person, if someone asked you a question you wouldn't turn around and ignore them right? So why not take the 30 friggin seconds to write a proper response? Even if the answer is "no" to whatever the question was, so long as it's written properly and polite it's good to go.

At least no response is almost better than getting "hey illtak e da clip u hav 4 sale"

Do I really want to risk getting into a sales endeavour with a person who can't even take the time to spell? What if they take that half assed attitude towards packaging my stuff?
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