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Bought a springer kokuosi? back in 1986 for a $120- delivered. Was supposed to shoot super accurate w/ brass shells and pop caps in the rear. Brass shells didn't show up w/ the rifle(m16)- a letter explained that the shells w/ the pop caps, caused fouling and jams, hence, the reason for no brass. About 30-40 bb's later, the rifle quit working. Hell, like it mattered anyways, where was I gonna buy more bb's anyways? Opened it up, found fibergleass wrap for a barrel to hop seal (come to think of it, it didn't have a hop). Guys, I would have loved to have the crap-soft that's out there now instead of the real P.O.S. that showed up at my house. I guess me and my friends were just gonna have to stick w/ getting shot in the butt w/ a weak bb gun. I know, we were complete idiots for using bb guns. I guess somebody's wondering what this rant's about. Doesn't really seem to have anything to do w/ the " To flame or not to flame", discussion-or does it. Everybody does something for the first time, and then gets to find out there might have been a better way. Remember the first time you wrecked your bike? Remember the first time you helped someone to learn to ride one?
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