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Elitists prefer what's he most reliable not excatly he most expensive although there's the mentality of the more you spend the better which is still true in some sense.

With the newer generation of Chinese guns coming out on the market it would actually be more PRACTICAL to go that route for a base, especially if you plan on replacing a bulk of the stock parts. Someof the new stuff is equally of not better then CA but keep in mind that these Marui based design guns have had literally almost two decades to make improvements so it should be expected that the new stuff is better.

Personally I would rather buy a CYMA 041 or 049 for an MP5 then upgrade the literal shit out of it because externally it's well-built and the takedown design by G&G is so much better then the old school clamshell receiver design but if I had the money I would not hesitate on purchasing a Systema TW5 because it is just pure sex

Anywho it's a case by case basis depending on the type of gun you want.
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