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Originally Posted by Deadpool View Post
I'll get flammed for saying this but...

Flamming someone for asking if a particular chinese brand is any good...

Its not so much the brand, but how ignorant some of the poeple are that ask the question. Keep in mind, the majority of the people that look into chinese brands are wanting to find the cheapest alternative they can buy. So they go to ask about these brands and hope to hear great answers.

But they don't.

Most of the time, we get some 15 year old kid signing up, briefly (If not at all) scan over the site, then creates a new thread in the Newbie section, they ask if "X" gun is good for "X" price. We tell them it isn't good, and give them a viable alternative for an answer. Which is either "Wait, save your money and get age verified. There are guns close to your pricerange that are of better reliability and quality" or a wall of links pointing towards very clearly written FAQ pages concerning whatever they may be asking about and what Age Verification means.

Since that answer 'isnt' what they want, and they think the age verification is stupid (Because, of course, they're a 'mature underaged individual', as we have heard hundreds upon hundreds of times). They get all whiny and start acting stupid.

The ASC flaming 'regulars' (You know who you are.) simply pounce and finish off the deal. And it seems people take blunt responses as flaming these days.

How would you feel if you emailed a tv car show about buying a Hyundai and have having your email read on TV and answered by " F*** off and go get a bmw or else your a fag!!"

Personally, I would totally just ignore that kind of reply until someone comes and gives me a more constructive answer on why I shouldn't get the cheap, chinese gun.
Again, that kind of response is given to people kind of halfjokingly here because the newbie has been known to not read/not research for himself. Again, the 'flamers' here at ASC just try and nail the answer into these peoples skulls. And most of the time, it doesn't.

The person probably knows it's crap, but flamming for asking what is the best crap is ridiculous.(particularly when a newb flames another newb Some poeple love airsoft, but don't want to invest 2k$ on stuff just to get started.

Every time I find these questions asking "What is best" There has 'always' been a very constructive, informative post in reply. The newbie simply doesn't read. And doesn't like the fact that this sport IS expensive. We're trying to do them a favor by giving them the most 'reasonably' priced alternative to getting into the sport. I mean, if they buy a shitty gun, they'll break it at some point and get all butthurt, and come back to us bitching. Take M700murder for example. He asked us if the walmart m4 springers were good, we said no, he went and baught it. Then he started a thread about how shitty it was and blah blah...

Some players swear only by Tokyo Marui, some by Systema, yet some of the best players on this forum are using painted crapsoft in cqb games. And they Pwn Marui owners regularly in games.

This is true, but as a lot of people always say. Its the person that makes the player, not the gun. We encourage getting brandname guns because they are known to be of more proper quality. And in the case of upgrading, the person wouldn't have to worry about the bad tolerances/cheap material that make up a lot of the lower quality, china brand airsoft guns. So, often in the end. the person would be spending more money upgrading/repairing his gun, than he would if he had just baught a stock, brand name airsoft gun/

However, I've found a lot of people just buy cheap guns to use as a project build. Internals completely replaced, properly tuned, etc.

Watch out who you flame...You could get shot in the ass by their transparent springers.
Just my two cents.

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