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Not Eye Safe, Pretty Boy Maximus on the field take his picture!
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Nothing wrong with buying a Kraken to start with
Buying other chinese guns is less recommended, but you can still do it
Just don't think anyone's going to want to upgrade it since "100% marui compatible" is just a stamp they put on the box to make it look pretty. I think of it like the "SEALS" logo on the SIG552 box lol

There are some cheaper vests that work, but your still going to spend around 100$, and theres no such thing as "a cheap pouch that works". Cheap pouches are crap, that's why they're cheap lol

Don't buy anything from Rothco

The three things you should have the highest budget for are:
1) your eye protection (60$ for ESS ICE glasses)
2) your airsoft gun (buy something mainstream, used or new)
3) your BOOTS (Don't spend less than 100$)
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