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unfortunately you are probably one of few retailers out there that upholds this training policy, a lot of other retailers never even think twice before they sell it's becoming a point that profit over ride common sense and community safety and interest.

This is a problem in all shooting sports. Note: car carriers on trains are all now cover. One reason is because the cars were always full of holes.

London is one of the cities that has a law against discharge of an air gun. That sucks for the good guys, but, it gives law enforcement a tool to slap people with. Last summer we saw a full on SWAT style bust including 15 officers in full Tatical gear and guns drawn, Knee in the back of 10 face down minors that were playing airgun games in town. Equipment lost. Pick up your kids at the station.
Nobody wants to see the wrong lagislation come in, but we all hope for a solution. sticky spot. So the industry (rightly so) avoids asking for more rules. many industries have come up with their own solutions to the problem. landscaping... Fanshaw now offers a, one day, Chainsaw training course that has become kinda manditory for people working for reputable companies with chainsaws. The course was designed and brought about by people in the industry that new there was a need.

This thread is great, I am really encouraged to see such a great discussion. I'm learning Alot. Maybe a Mod could split this topic and it can carry on.

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