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Originally Posted by kahaheha View Post
I accept with information:Some newbies come here and say they only want to invest $150 in a gun.. and that they only want to do it to “try out the sport” in case they don't like it, or a host of other excuses. Ok... I think at that point, there is a distinct misunderstanding of what airsoft is.

Can't really say you want to see what it's like having a pet, but only wanna spend the money to get a tomagatchi to see what it's like first.

A problem is that people mostly just don't want to spend that much money, and use the excuse "I don't wanna spend much in case I don't find it fun"
Then once anyone tells them the obvious; that cheap guns suck, more expensive guns -tend to be- better, and actually accurate.
But since they're being told this by people who have been in the sport longer than them; they pull the "oh, you're just elitist, now point me to the $20 metal AK47"

I spent quite a lot on my first gun recently, and never expected to spend under $250

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