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Originally Posted by Forever_kaos View Post
Hell, a game I was at very recently there was I believe a 14 JUST turned 15 year old.
Did we have any problems? No not at all, he was a great player.
If you can demonstrate the respect, maturity and understanding. And to boot, demonstrate you know your shit and safety?

Sure why not, I'd be for it at certain events if they knew what they were doing.
Most of the time if the minor makes a point to try and join in using common sense (ie. playing at a field and not at a park) they are really well behaved. The thing that you have to be wary about is the ones who play in the parks and such and give a bad name to most of the minors.

I'd actually wager that minors are sometimes more well behaved if they're playing at a field cause either the host has made an exception to the 18+ rule (assuming 18+ only games) or they know that if they are being held to a higher standard.

Now contrast that to the minors that we see all the time who's parents buy them Krakens and stuff from BassPro and just let them have at it.

In fact the thing that I'm more worried about than minors, is adults (18+) like your typical college frat boy cause they usually have the means to purchase and no one is stopping them (except maybe an AV'er giving access to the classifieds) they can go to any Cansoft retailer and buy (including the vigilant ones who sell to 18+ only), cause they're 18.

EDIT: Let me add too that I still think that you should be 18+ to own regardless (in the case of parents buying, they should ideally be active players and have the guns under lock and key). There's just way too much that can go wrong with minors who aren't legally responsible for their actions (whether it's a combination of peer pressure, their own frontal lobe not being fully developed, or their friends (who may not be responsible) getting their hands on the gun).
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