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Originally Posted by GSK88 View Post
ACU would be pretty stupid for out of doors, especially if you're in a wooded area. Perfectly fine for other applications but really, the thing is almost blue, you'd notice it right away.
It's often referred to as 'Ah See You' or newspaper camo. It works great when dirty and in really rocky environments. The rest of the time it's like running around in a 1970s baby blue tuxedo.

Originally Posted by Steven View Post
I would have thought that Od worked better in forests too.

Is khaki really better?
OD is good for really thick brush (aka. leaves), khaki works well due to tree bark (live and dead trees) as well as the spaces between trees where you can see dead grass, sunlight, etc. Overall, khaki is the king in the woods, it can change shades based upon light too, OD works great as well, but only in areas that there is a lot of foliage. Look at multicam, it's more khaki coloured than OD, is part of the reason it works so well. OD can look like black at times in broad daylight.

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