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My team use plain OD for our field uniform. I've been told that it's hard to see us when we are not moving.
I tend to agree, but that's also true for most green dominant camoflages in gooded erea.

For a wooder erea camoflage, I'd chose a patern or color that fit the impression I want to acheive and keep in mind on wich side I like to play the most.

If all your friend wear US gear and play on the NATO side, choose a matching kit. If your friends dress as russian or Mujahadeen and play on the bad side (haha), then match them with some other country camo.

MTX tend to play on both sides, so we chose plain OD to be able to play on both. It's a compromise from our old Cadpat, wich was a terrific camo. We can still don it when needed, as it's still part of our team camo inventory.

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