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I currently run woodland with an O/D battlebelt/harness rig. Seems to work out ok for me. Cammo isnt that much of a big deal,more for team seperation and such and most times I'm running woodland pants with a green military sweater or in summer t-shirt. I don't spend alot of money on bdu's,I use what I can get my hands on and I make it work for me. I also dont have alot of experience using a variety of cammo but In my time I have learned two valuable things about cammoflauge and bdu selection:

1) cammoflauge isnt truly effective under something like 100 feet.
( snipers most likely exempt from this lol)

2) If you play /played in the rain,once wet or soaked through most bdu's will look the same.

My 2 cents anyway.
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