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the Coleman's notes of.....

An Airsoft Carol
By Chuck Adickinsider

The miserly Bb Bastards was visited by his old business partner Sum Bitch and was warned of three ghastly visitors. The Spirit of Airsoft Past, The Spirit of Airsoft Presents and the spirit of Games Yet to come. The spirits take him through his times as a Happy Bastard, a Delinquent Bastard and a Grumpy Old Bastard. The Bastard vows to change his ways and celebrate Airsoft with all his friend and neighbours. Then that Cheatin' Bastard Tiny Tim doesn't call his hits so a bunch of wolves visit his home and chew his fkn leg off!!!

Happy Airsoft to all and to all a good .... Ah shit..... HIT! oowww fuck, hit!!!HITTT!!!
lol huh? Lay off the rum and egg nog bud!
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