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Originally Posted by Adrenalineguy View Post
All Retailers i know of are 18+. Parents buy them for kids no problem.

The problem is the placement in stores and parents, Both paintball and Airsoft are stuck right bewteen the toy section and the gun section in most stores.
I think Training Should include Parents. When i sell a simple $200 paintmarker to a parent that I know is buying it for thier kid. I tell them that any problem that is cause with this marker is an offence under the fire arms act: You should see thier faces. Then they want to get junior to the field for same safety training, then they might keep that thing under lock and key.

Education is key,
Well the only thing I would say is, push forward a training course which majority of game host will recognize. Just like the CFSC, hell even CFSC (although alot of material pertains to firearms) could help in educating. Honestly, we need to go beyond the AV system. Its my 2nd year on this forum, I've been a year underage, 1 year 18, what has change? besides the fact that I can buy booze, get PAL/RPAL, and never a chance to face Junevile court nothing. A safety course which covers the recognition of the laws, regulations and how a person should treat airsoft could help.
Courses covers: (basic)
What is an Airsoft
What is a milsim/skirmish
How should you treat an airsoft (eg ACTS and PROVE from CFSC helps)
How should you transport, display, store airsoft?
What are the legal aspects of airsoft?
What is the defintion of replica, firearms?

Honestly, some people on this forum (including myself) sometimes think they dont deserve to play airsoft for their attitude.
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