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This is way off topic, but I want to respond.

First NO ONE under 18 has ever played Airsoft at Adrenaline.
We are not trying to impose a certification on any one, or create somthing for the industry. This will be for players to play at our field, and we don't know if that means seperate games, or games that they are included in.

Adrenaline offers a FREE safety traing lesson to anyone. And everyone not just minors before play.

We hane talked about including 1 parent for the first hour of the course

Every one I have talkd with in the aisoft comunity, has said they thought it would be a good idea and would like to be involved. Everyone knows that kids have asccess to Airguns of all kinds. Someone should provide them with some training.

Again we have NEVER allowed any under one 18 to play Airsoft at the field. That doesn't mean that There is no place for teaching and including youth in any shooting sport. We will continue to look at ways to allow youth to learn and enjoy shooting sports including Airsoft.
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