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lmao, wow that's wild.

But okay back to the topic more or less.
Sure it's really only an ASC rule (except in Ontario you have to be 18+ to own), but if I understand right AdrenalineGuy is trying to appeal to the ASC crowd.
In the end as I mentioned above it's your rules for your field.

And sure, some events the host of the game will allow people under 18 to play. But that is 100% up to the host and the field owner on a mutual agreement.

My biggest nit pick regarding the certification is whoever is doing it, I doubt has a much Airsoft experience. You can have all the gun experience in the world, and I still don't care.
Airsoft gun experience is for Airsoft guns.
Real steel gun experience is for real steel.

Now sure some basic things cross over, but I still stand by what I said.
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