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Originally Posted by hattrick View Post
Noone makes a good p14 (kjw p14 = out of the question)

TM glock 17 100% for the win. Solid, reliable. Accurate. Many parts available. Need I go on? Pm me.
I had a full metal WA SCW1
Para p14 (military style) with
Canadian trades, complete WGC
custom build. Was a sweet gun,
but I sold it to chase other tail.

Unfortunately you're probably
going to have to settle for a
WE or KJW.. both are crap but
I think the KJ is mostly modeled
after the WA so 90% of the parts
are compatible. Mags and a few
frame parts are not since WA
uses a plate on the mag to keep
the valve open, and KJ do it with
a piece on the frame.

I'm not a fan of glocks at all but
the TM G17 is a solid performer
in stock form, doesn't really need
any upgrades but if you get the
itch, there's a plethora waiting.
Retired Freedom 35

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