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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
The 18+rule is only applied here, in Asia there are often more Kids playing airsoft alot younger than what we would have allowed here. I started when I was 13. There are a few under age members here who have displayed more maturity and sound judgement than some of the verified members here.

18+ specifically here on ASC is self imposed & enforced, Judging by some recent thread in this board the 18+rule may not be as effective as we think it would in weeding out the idiots. There are teams out there who have members that are below 18 and No they don't troll on ASC either
added to the fact that there are sites semi clear airsoft outside of ASC, I really question if all of em sells 18+ only. And there's those purchase from outside ASC site and sell to minors. In ASC theres reprecussions but the sites might not
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